Abilene Baptist Church

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Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - 1,200

Location - Martinez, Georgia

Position - Worship Pastor

About the Church:

The mission of Abilene Baptist Church is to bring those who are lost into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus and then build them into fully, mature, reproducing followers of Christ.


The vision for Abilene Baptist Church is to fulfill the mission locally through two church campuses (Martinez and Appling/Harlem), nationally through the Abilene Network, and internationally through missionary partnerships.


About the Position:

The Abilene Worship Pastor gives primary attention to leading a quality and healthy worship ministry that amplifies and implements the vision of the Senior Pastor.

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  • Assumes primary responsibility for effective leadership and successful implementation of strategic initiatives resulting in a healthy Abilene Worship Ministry that amplifies the Senior Pastor’s vision

  • Establish and maintain relationships with congregants and those in the community for the purposes of evangelism, discipleship, accountability, and encouragement

  • Recruit, train, mobilize, and encourage leaders and participants of Abilene’s worship ministries

  • Serve as an ambassador for Abilene Baptist Church and member of its executive leadership team alongside the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor

  • Supervise and coordinate the paid and volunteer music and worship teams, including instrumentalists as well as technical assistants, interns, or other assistants in Abilene’s worship ministries

  • Prepare and submit annual worship ministry budgets and manage expenditures from those approved budgets during the year

  • Develop, plan, and lead special worship events to complement the emphases of Abilene’s ministry

  • Communicate effectively with worship ministry staff and volunteers, particularly utilizing Planning Center Online and/or other means

  • Coordinate with the Communications Director the technical aspects of worship, including audio, visual, and lighting features

  • Perform other acts of ministry as assigned by the Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor


Education & Experience:

  • Earned music, worship or ministry degree from a college/seminary closely associated with the Southern Baptist Convention is preferred.

  • Minimum of five years’ experience in full-time Christian ministry is preferred.

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Appling/Harlem Campus!

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Future 62-acre Appling/Harlem Campus!

A little bit about Martinez, GA

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Martinez, Georgia is in the eastern area of Columbia County and bordered by Augusta (Richmond County) and Evans. In 2020, Evans was ranked the best place to live in America (Money). In 2021, Columbia County was identified as one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia (WJBF).


According to the 2020 census, within a 10-minute drive of Abilene Baptist Church’s Martinez campus, there were 31,859 household, 90,228 residents, and an average household income of $89,434. By 2025, the population is projected to be 114,354, which is a 26.7% increase.


Appling and Harlem, Georgia are in the western area of Columbia County. According to the 2020 census, within a 10-minute drive of Abilene Baptist Church’s Appling/Harlem campus, there were 6,246 households, 20,002 residents, and an average household income of $84,337. By 2025, the population is projected to be 22,454, which is a 12.3% increase.


Things To Do

While the area is home of the Masters Tournament at Augusta National, there is so much more to do.

Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau

      Visit Augusta


      School District

      Columbia County School District