Bailey Christian Church

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Denomination - Christian Church/Church of Christ

Weekly Attendance - > 250

Location - Bailey, Michigan

Position - Worship & Creative Arts Director

About the Position:

Bailey Christian Church is seeking a Worship & Creative Arts Director who is a leader of leaders, first and foremost. This individual should be capable of leading from a big picture perspective while having a “do whatever it takes” mentality in handling the details required to pursue excellence in their areas of oversight. The successful candidate will be able to plan and execute relevant weekend experiences, successfully lead a worship team, have extensive knowledge in the necessary technology required to create a modern worship environment, a high level of communication skills from the stage and on online platforms, and an overall ability to lead multiple teams of people to do more together than this individual could ever do on their own.

Successful candidates for this position will understand that worship, arts, and communications are not “silos,” but are a part of the overarching mission of the church. This is why we’re serious about hiring someone with a team mentality. Ultimately, we are looking for someone who loves God, loves people, and has a passion for leading others to help us create irresistible environments during service, online, and at additional locations to come in the future.

With this vision of seeing new locations planted, it will be important for the person in this position to be able to develop multiple teams by having a focus on identifying, raising up and equipping new musicians, vocalists, technical experts, and other artists with a mission-minded heart for service. While quality is important, the mission is more important. The big picture for us is GLORIFYING God as a way of life, sending our people out to GO into the world and introduce others to Jesus, and ultimately call them to GROW in that relationship. If you want to be a part of God’s work, doing something big in small places, you may just be the candidate we are looking for!

About the Church:

Bailey Christian Church is just 30 minutes north of Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is, year after year, ranked as one of the best cities to live in America. Although we are located in a small town, we are a church that has a vision well beyond the size of our area. We average just under 300 attendees each week, with over 60% of our attendees involved in small groups. One of our primary goals has been to reach young families with kids and students, so we have a strong emphasis on our family ministries. However, we are hoping that our new Worship & Creative Arts Director will help us get to the next step in reaching even more young people through the creation of relevant worship experiences each week. Our heart has been to have an impact on our community and world for Christ so that it could truly be said, “This place is better because BCC is here!”


Creative Programming (40%)

  • Create irresistible environments

  • Utilize online church management system to establish a strategy for developing

    services on a weekly, monthly, seasonally, and annual basis

  • Assemble creative teams and tech teams to produce all elements for the weekend

    services and events with excellence. This includes but is not limited to producers,

    lighting, audio, video, and more

  • Utilize current and progressive methods to engage new attenders in the overall service


  • Oversee all components of stage design, set up, and tear down as needed and updated

    over time

  • Coordinate with Lead Pastor to ensure the overall weekend experience is aligned with

    and enhances the teaching series

  • Facilitate evaluation sessions for our services and always strive to learn and engage in


Worship (35%)

  • Help to define and establish a healthy worship culture for BCC to grow in every week

  • Build teams and train leaders to strengthen the worship experience in all areas

    including musicians, vocalists, technical arts, production, etc.

  • Recruit, develop, and communicate with all musicians, technical team members,

    production, etc on the team in order to develop team unity

  • Utilize appropriate music software in order to create the best worship experience


  • Utilize best practices for all things production-related to align our worship experience

    with our long-term vision of excellence and growth

  • Provide an atmosphere of continual improvement and helping the teams grow their

    skills to pursue further excellence

  • Provide all necessary communication between technical arts teams and creative arts



Communications (25%)

  • Communicate clearly and in an engaging way from the stage and across all online


  • Develop and oversee a team of people who will help us create and post engaging

    content for social media platforms while also cultivating a sense of online community

  • Establish and implement best practices and strategies for all internal and branding

    communications while also overseeing all external marketing efforts

  • Work with support staff to ensure cohesion between all visual arts and copy throughout

    all publications, social media, online, website, lyric slides, series graphics, etc.


Required Qualifications:

  • A leader of leaders who possesses a vibrant, growing, personal relationship with Jesus

  • Agreement with the vision, mission, and beliefs of BCC

  • Organized, creative, resourceful, hard-working, with a heart to expand ministry throughout the community

  • A willingness to grow in areas of less experience

  • Self-motivated and self-directed with a strong work ethic and commitment to personal and professional excellence

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver quality projects on schedule

  • Adaptability to growth and change

  • Available to the leadership of the church to serve in other roles as deemed necessary

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a Christian university or 2+ years of experience in a creative arts and/or worship setting at a medium to large-sized church

  • Demonstrated abilities with website development and SEO

  • Demonstrated abilities with Adobe Creative Suite, especially in Photoshop, InDesign, and Premier

  • Comprehensive knowledge of an online church management system used to schedule volunteers, plan services, and equip worship teams, and other software

A little bit about Bailey, MI


The Muskegon River is located in Newaygo and is a huge tourist attraction each year for tubing, boating, and fishing. The surrounding area is also full of orchards that are very popular in the Fall for apple and pumpkin picking. All of the surrounding counties have hiking and/or biking trails; and there are several campgrounds in surrounding counties.  The Newaygo County area boasts many small lakes; and Bailey is 40 miles from Lake Michigan which is very popular in the summer. Sparta (4,354) is about 10 miles from Bailey and is a nice community with a lot of community parades and celebrations; and Grand Rapids (203,767) is 25 miles away and is the second largest city in Michigan. Grand Rapids is one of the best places to live in Michigan and has museums, sculpture parks, a zoo, and a lot of tourist attractions.


Most children in Bailey attend either Grant Public Schools or Kent City Public Schools.  Michigan also has school of choice options.


Bailey is technically located in Muskegon County, but the borders for Newaygo County and Kent County are within a mile of Bailey.  Current Housing Market trends for Newaygo County show that the average home is selling for $195,000 and is on the market for 39 days or less.  Housing Market trends for Kent County show the average home is selling for $258,000 and is on the market for about 7 days. Housing market trends in Muskegon County show the average cost of a home is $182,000 and is on the market for about 12 days.