Candidate Testimonials

I want to personally thank CMS for all that you did for me as we walked down the path of me becoming the new Worship Pastor at Hibernia Baptist Church. God had been impressing on our hearts for 2 1/2 years about where it was that He wanted us to serve as our time at Stetson Baptist was completed. We had spoken with numerous consulting firms and churches about what God had impressed on our hearts for these few years, and we were most grateful for how you and CMS handled the situation. Never did we feel pressured to enter a situation where we were certain God didn’t want us to enter. Never did we feel that CMS was trying to quickly plug a hole. My wife and I knew about Hibernia back in Jan 2021, and had we looked then, we would have been out of God’s will.

I am thankful for your continued care and follow up even after I’ve begun to settle into this new ministry role. I cannot express how excited we are to finally come back home to NE Florida and specifically to Hibernia, and I can say without a doubt that your input, dedication, and expertise in what Hibernia was looking for and what I was looking for made this a great decision for all of us.

Thank you so much for helping my wife and I find the right fit for us by introducing us to Hibernia and Pastor Scott!

Carlos Martinez, Worship Pastor
Hibernia Baptist Church, Fleming Island, FL

Celebration Ministry Staffing did an excellent job facilitating the entire process from the first interview through accepting the offer of employment.  They were a great partner.

David Stout, Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church Counce, Counce, TN

CMS was an answer to a prayer for my family and I.  Their guidance and wise counsel was essential in finding our new church home.  Thank you, CMS!

Patrick Lima, Associate Pastor of Worship
Calvary Baptist Church, Dothan, AL

CMS was an answer to a prayer for my family and I.  Their guidance and wise counsel was essential in finding our new church home.  Thank you, CMS!

Patrick Lima, Associate Pastor of Worship
Calvary Baptist Church, Dothan, AL

Phil Barfoot and his team at Celebration Ministry Staffing have been a blessing to me and my family during our time of transition this year! Phil's experience as a pastor and rapport with churches across the country helped bridge the gap between my family and our new church home.  

One of the greatest blessings was the frequent phone calls from Kathy just to check in with me and to let me know that the whole team had prayed for us that day. Their level of compassion and attention to detail is unmatched!

David Jones, Pastor of Music & Worship
Second Baptist Lancaster, Lancaster, SC

“Celebration Ministry Staffing has been incredibly helpful during my transition period from one church to another. They took the time to not only help me in my search, but also sought out to make sure the church was a great fit and that it met certain qualities and expectations that I was looking for specifically. It is easy to tell that they really care and have a dedicated passion for placing people where they need to be in order to further the work of the Lord.”

KyLisa Freeman, Worship Leader
Kingdom Life Church, Simpsonville, NC
"Phil and the team at CMS were professionals at every turn! Even greater than logistics and business, they covered me in prayer and were advocates for me in every way. Connecting me with Houston’s First was never about job placement. Instead, I found opportunity and affirmation as my skill set and vision for ministry was complimented by a great church who was searching for those exact attributes. I could not be happier than I am serving the great people of Houston, and I attribute much of that to Celebration Ministry Staffing!" 

Jeff Bumgardner, Minister of Worship & Arts
Houston's First Baptist Church, Houston, TX
"It was a tremendous blessing to partner with Dr. Phil Barfoot and the Celebration Ministry Staffing team as we together sought the Lord's will regarding a worship leadership assignment at Austin Baptist Church! The calling process was saturated with prayer and was practiced with the utmost professionalism in all regards.  Sonya and I are grateful for the personal care, concern, and support we received from CMS from start to finish. The Lord blessed us, and we are now excited to serve together with the great staff of Austin Baptist Church!"

Todd Stearns, Associate Pastor of Worship
Austin Baptist Church, Austin, TX

"God used Phil Barfoot and Celebration Ministry Staffing to help me discover His will for the next season of my ministry.  From our first contact to the acceptance of a new position, Phil and his team stood alongside me to encourage, support, advise and above all, PRAY!  No matter where you are in your journey of ministry, I would highly recommend that you consider partnering with CMS as you seek to follow God’s direction in your service to His church.  The exceptional team that Phil has assembled to serve ministers and churches is without peer!"


Steve Holt, Associate Pastor of Worship

The Church at Life Park, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Phil Barfoot and the entire team at Celebration Ministry Staffing were such a blessing to me as I was seeking God’s direction for my family and the next place God would have me serve in ministry! It is true, Celebration Ministry Staffing is completely built upon relationships. It was an honor to be able to witness the trust and relationships built with the leadership of our new church home and also be able to cherish and trust the relationships built in between Celebration Ministry Staffing and my family. God is always faithful and I am so appreciative that he used Phil and the Celebration Ministry Staffing team to help us connect in our new place of ministry!" 

Josh Sullins, Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church, Brunswick, GA

"Words cannot express how grateful Carla and I are for Phil Barfoot and his team at Celebration Ministry Staffing.

I first met with Phil shortly after he started CMS. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, I pulled my name out, and decided I would not be leaving my home church during this difficult time. 
Fast forward 18 months and God would reveal to us that our current season at the time was over. On the day Phil called me, we talked about a few of the churches that were available, and I said, “You know Phil, I just think West Conroe is where I’m supposed to be.”

Phil never disclosed anything to me at the time, but by my new Pastor did. As Carla and I were sitting across from him at breakfast with his executive staff, he said, “You need to know this, and I still get chills when I talk about it, but you just need to know. Our Church, West Conroe, is the church Phil was going to pitch you to 2 years ago.” I honestly had no words myself at the time, and for a time I didn’t, but I do now.
While walking this road with Phil and his team, God has reminded us that He is faithful, His timing is perfect, and He is definitely in control of all things.

I believe with all my heart that God has uniquely given Phil and his team a ministry that is opening doors for Ministers of Worship in a new way. If you are considering a next place of service, you owe it to yourself, your family, and your ministry, to at least reach out the folks at Celebration Ministry Staffing. His team will be your BIGGEST encouragers as you walk that road. "


Dave Whittington, Worship Pastor

West Conroe Baptist Church, Conroe, TX

"Dear Ministry Friends,

Phil Barfoot and his team at Celebration Ministry Staffing worked tirelessly to help us to find a new place of ministry that would be a beautiful fit for both the Noblitt’s and a church seeking help in their ministry vacancy.

I am proud to say that CMS did an amazing job of finding the right church that could use our skill set and in turn meet the needs that the church had.  Lots of prayer and conversations also went into the decision making process as well.

Finding a new place of ministry can be scary and tiring. As you know, resumes don’t say it all and it’s also hard to promote yourself and your “gifting" adequately without sounding ego-centered.  Phil and his team took the “sting” out of the whole process for us. He fairly represented the church and their needs and did an outstanding job of representing our strengths to the churches looking for a new minister to fill their vacancy.

I can without hesitation say that Celebration Ministry Staffing is qualified and experienced in handling all the difficult questions and situations that can arise in the interview process. Phil and his team are full of integrity and they were with me every step of the way. 


It is my delight to recommend Celebration Ministry Staffing to you or to a church that is seeking help with their staffing needs.

Thank you again Phil for the tremendous job you did for me and my family!"


Kim Noblitt, Minister of Worship Arts and Administration

Sandia Baptist Church, Albuquerque, NM

"Phil Barfoot and his team at CMS have been a blessing to work with! God used Phil and his team to show us where He would have us serve in this new season of ministry. They were professional in every way, and I am so grateful for their heart for the local church and for my family! Thank you to Phil and his team for walking with us through this process. God is using you!" 

Chad Fletcher, Associate Pastor of Worship
London Bridge Baptist Church, Virginia Beach, VA
"The whole team at Celebration Ministry Staffing has been a Christ-centered blessing. They invested in me and helped me navigate tough questions with job transition without hesitation and was there every time I needed. They protected my best interest, and the interest of both churches, former and current, for the duration of the process. I am forever grateful for their professionalism and care in helping us decipher God's will for our lives. " 

Josh Morton, Worship Pastor
Spotswood Baptist Church, Spotswood, VA
"Celebration Ministry Staffing has been a shining light in the sometimes painful world of finding a new position! When I was looking for a new church to serve, a new calling and direction, I was met with cynicism and closed-mindedness from many churches. CMS encouraged me, supported me, and championed me as I looked to the future for my ministry and career. They understood my past and my heart and helped others to see my authenticity and soul. I’m thankful for their ability to connect and their love for their clients. I wouldn’t be where I am now without them!"
Chris Gregg, Worship Pastor
Tabernacle Baptist Church, IL
"My time with CMS was an encouraging, beneficial, and learning experience for my wife and myself. After praying about a search and then starting the process, CMS was incredibly helpful as we navigated our first time working through it. Even though we encountered a speed bump along the way, they were encouraging and helpful in what we should do to prepare for the next opportunity, which worked and ended in a good connection and eventual offer. We could not be more thankful for their assistance and guidance during our search."
Ricky Johnson, Associate Pastor of Worship & Media
Red Lane Baptist Church, Powhatan, VA
"There is no doubt in my mind that the motto for Celebration Ministry Staffing is the absolute truth - It’s all about relationships.  Many can try to find A job on their own, but you will never find THE job without these relationships.  
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths -Proverbs 3:5-6

The amazing team at CMS helped me find the path to my next journey in my calling as a Worship Pastor.  The team at CMS are now forever dear friends and I will always treasure these relationships.  Thank you Celebration Ministry Staffing!  They helped me - They can help you!

Truthfully, I have to thank CMS for all that you have done! I want you to know that God is doing great things through you and I am honored to have worked with you.  Hang in there and keep on keeping on! Thanks for everything!"

Christopher Vlasek, Worship Pastor
Great Bridge Baptist Church, VA
"CMS has been nothing short of excellent throughout my entire experience. Not only did they strive to connect me with the perfect Church for my skill set, but they also joined me in praying that God would place me exactly where I was supposed to be. It’s so rare that someone at a business exhibits such professional excellence and true Christian care. Thank you, CMS, for all you’ve done in making this process such a smooth success! You’re the best!  You’ve been so great through this whole process. No Way I could’ve done it without you. I’m praying for you and your family!"

Cameron Baldwin, Worship Pastor
Renewal Church, MA