Fairview Baptist Church

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Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - 900-1,000

Location - Corryton, TN.

Position - Director  of Children's Ministries

About the Position:

The Director of Children’s Ministries at FairviewKnox is for all aspects of ensuring the spiritual growth and development of children ages birth through 5th grade. This includes curriculum selection, volunteer recruitment and development, classroom management, and operational management necessary to ensure successful and constantly improving children’s ministry services on Sundays, mid-week ministries and special events. One of the most important aspects to this ministry position is the call and commitment to aid, equip and champion parents that they might love and lead their children in a real and relevant relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


Responsibilities and Duties:  Director of Children's Ministries​​


  1. Work in coordination with the overall mission, goals and objectives of Fairview’s vision to equip parent and children for the work of ministry.

  2. Lead/supervise the planning, coordinating, training, implementation, and evaluation of all children’s ministries from birth through 5th grade.

  3. Lead/supervise the recruiting and training of volunteers to staff and minister in the children’s ministries.

  4. Conduct regular, on-going Leadership Meetings with all children’s ministry staff and volunteers for the ministries mentioned above to pray, plan and prepare for the ministries in which they serve.

  5. Communicate weekly with all pastoral and support staff to supervise, plan, vision cast and check goals to assure effective assimilation ministries.

  6. Responsible for the ordering of all Assimilation Bible Study materials and Discipleship studies.

  7. Serve on the Senior Staff for the purpose of calendar planning, ministry, and program planning to avoid conflict, duplication and overlapping of responsibilities in ministry.

  8. Prepare the annual budget for Children’s Ministries.

  9. Prepare and maintain attendance metrics for the purpose of identifying trends and patterns.

  10. Responsible for new ideas given to Lead Pastor for the purpose of shepherding, assimilating and equipping with the saints for the work of ministry – The Ephesians Four Vision God has given to the faith family called Fairview.

  11. Provide daily oversight for children’s team and support staff in the children’s ministries area.

  12. Provide leadership and oversight of Parents Day Out Ministries at Fairview.

  13. Assist the lead pastor in developing professional and administrative documents, policies, procedures, etc. that will equip and grow those called to the children’s ministries.

  14. Meet with and maintain intentional communication with the lead pastor and the minister of education for the purpose of shepherding the children, their parents and their families.

  15. To create a culture of accountability, professional excellence and intentional spiritual growth in the Spirit and Word of God. 

  16. Agree and operate under the doctrinal banner and statement of the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted in 2000.

  17. Perform other duties as assigned by the lead pastor.

Personal Responsibilities:


  1. Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, and meditation.

  2. Maintain proper priorities in your home and be a spiritual leader in the home.

  3. Participate in ministry and evangelism programs of the church.

  4. Financially support the work of ministries of Fairview Baptist Church by faithfully giving 10% of your gross income according to biblical teaching.  Maintain wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.

  5. Integrity – to hold a Biblical worldview that operates under Biblical authority and the sufficiency of scripture.

  6. Loyalty – to have an understanding of Biblical correction when situations and/or disagreements arise; and a commitment to protecting the fellowship of the entire team according to Ephesians 4:1-3.

  7. Teachable – to hold a Biblical commitment to the Biblical truth that this is a journey and we are to remain teachable and leadable according to Matthew 8:10.

  8. To maintain confidentiality in matters that could wound or hinder the walk of faith of the team, faithful attenders and covenant members (1 Thessalonians 5:12-22).

  9. To honor the Fairview Church Membership Covenant.

  10. To be above reproach and appropriate in all personal matters, including social media

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General Responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude in performing all work in order to honor our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Faithfully maintain discretion and effectively deal with sensitive and/or confidential information of a written and spoken nature.

  3. Use independent judgment to determine work priorities.

  4. Perform other related duties as assigned by lead pastor.

  5. Protect loyalty with the lead pastor, pastoral team, support staff and church leadership.  

  6. Maintain spiritual integrity in all matters, personal, pastoral and spiritual.

  7. Remain teachable and leadable for the purpose of pursuing excellence and deeper intimacy with the Lord.

  8. Work in coordination with the overall mission, goals and objectives of the church, which are summarized by the vision and mission statement: Equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry.  Praying, Presenting and Preparing.

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Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to recruit, train and lead staff and volunteers to be part of a ministry team.

  2. Be an encourager in the Spirit and Word to those you lead.

  3. Ability to communicate in a concise and effective manner.

  4. Strong work ethic that goes above and beyond in helping the team and others.

  5. Good organizational and time-management skills.

  6. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, database and social networking applications are preferred and essential in both positions.

  7. A fully supportive wife.

  8. Earned a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies or in a ministry-related field.  A Master’s Degree in a ministry-related field is preferred but not required.   

  9. Some ministry experience that affirms the call to children’s ministry.

A little bit about Corryton, TN

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Corryton, also known as Corryton Village, is situated near two mountains, House Mountain (the highest point in Knox County) and Clinch Mountain. 


Corryton has a smaller town feel while still being located less than 30 minutes from Knoxville.