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Why should we use CMS?

We will save you time! By the time we submit a candidate to you, we have done all of the screening and pre employment assessing. You simply conduct the final round interview! We are experts in our field! Our sole focus is Ministry placements! We have extensive resources! We represent highly sought-after candidates. Our Advisory Team includes the very finest Worship Pastors, Executive Pastors, Pastors, Christian University Leadership and State Directors in America. Our team personally know the candidates we work with, which helps to ensure the strong, long-term placements! We have mastered the skills of recruitment and staffing! So, We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the STRONGEST candidates for their specific needs, in the most effecient time! We handle EVERYTHING for you! From sourcing candidates to final offer, and everything between! We care! We take time to develop personal relationships with both, client and candidate. These relationships help us select candidates that are the best professional fit, as well as cultural fit. This has proven to lower employee turnover substantially, giving our clients full confidence that we have spent the necessary time and exhausted all resources to ensure they are getting the BEST leadership for their team!

What does it cost?

There is no charge at all for the candidate. For all searches, the hiring ministry conducting the search pays for all associated costs including travel, background checks, and assessment fees as requested. Celebration Ministry Staffing charges a fee for our involvement and will negotiate with each Church to come up with a final package and costs for their search. You will find we are very pragmatic, and money is secondary to our calling. Please contact us if we can help you in any way.

How long does the search take?

Our goal is complete each search within 4-8 weeks.

What if we have a search committee?

That’s great! We will gladly work with the team you have put together in a search for the new ministry candidate.

Why not just post ads on the internet?

Sure, you could just post an ad on the internet. But, that takes a substantial amount of time and money. It cost a minimium of $150-200 to post an ad on an internet job board. Let's keep in mind you will probably need to post your ad to multiple job boards. That's just the up-front cost to simply post your ad. Now, let's add in the payrate of the in-house employee that will need countless hours to screen every single candidate that submits their resume, just to find candidates to potentially interview, along with maintaining their day to day responsibilities. Once candidates are narrowed down, the interview process begins. The process often requires multiple interviews and proves to be quite time consuming. Don't forget additional time to administer: Background checks Reference checks Pre-employment assessments It's challenging to become an expert at two completely different skills. Either the home base or candidate hunting will suffer, as neither will have the adequate time to be 100% successful.

What kind of assessment test do you use?

We will administer various types of assessments. Our preferred personality test is the DiSC assessment. This would be a part of the package we offer. That being said, we believe you get to know people best by spending time with them, getting to know them personal level and by speaking with those that know them best. Assessments can be helpful, but they cannot replace the personal interaction.

What if our church hires CMS and then we find a candidate?

That’s great! We do request that all candidates go through our process to assure proper vetting and success.

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