First Baptist Church Sarasota

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Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - 629

Location - Sarasota, Florida

Position - Student Director


About the Church:

Our Purpose

By Faith, doing whatever it take to make Christ known.


Our Core Values

Worship. Seek intimacy with God.

Relationships.  Lead others into an authentic relationship with Christ.

Discipleship.  Equip one another to share their faith.

Fellowship.  Strengthen and care for one another with a Christ-like love.

Ministry.  Serve others using our spiritual gifts and financial resources.

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About the Position:

Lead the middle school and high school students and volunteers in becoming lifelong followers of Christ.


The role of the Student Pastor is to:

  • Ensure the Middle School and High School student ministry fulfills First Sarasota’s purpose;

  • Focus on leading and meeting the needs of students so that they have an understanding and appreciation of the call to follow Jesus Christ;

  • Encourage the students to become disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching and example; and

  • Collaborate with the overall vision for First Sarasota in producing a ministry which mirrors values and the church.

Qualified Applicants:


  • Possess a sound grasp of the Scriptures and a conviction that God’s Word is powerful and life-changing;

  • Believes in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.​

  • Has passion to see students and families transformed by the Gospel.

  • Possess a teachable disposition.

  • Visionary, whatever it takes to get the job done work ethic.

  • Embraces a team based environment

  • Encourage and support the family to share in the faith journey of the student;

  • Committed to recruiting, building, encouraging, training, leading and pastorally caring for the leadership teams in our student ministry. We would expect significant time be invested in the leaders so that they are well resourced and equipped to teach and nurture the students;

  • Committed to working with the pastoral team to see the overall mission of the church fulfilled;

  • Provides consistent leadership in Middle School and High School Ministry with involvement, in an upfront capacity, in curriculum development and direction;

  • Skilled at communicating with both students and adults;

  • Genuine and proven call to work with students, leaders, and student parents.

  • Assist the Senior Pastor and other staff members in reaching out to the community and in meeting the needs of the church family through such ministries as hospital visitation, contact during times of bereavement, and other situations requiring pastoral care, especially those related to students and their families.

  • Attend staff meetings and be a part of assisting in the overall work of the church with the ministerial staff team, including vision casting, evaluating the church’s programs and events, calendar planning, and coordinating the allocation of resources.

A little bit about Sarasota, FL


Welcome to the City of Sarasota! Whether you are in town for the day, the week, the month or to live, you have made the right choice to be here. Our vision is to be a world-class community and treasured destination, with enduring natural beauty, charm and diversity. That vision will have you falling in love with the area the moment you arrive. Sarasota is a great place to live, work, and play.

Walkability around town and the variety of businesses available make your day; safe, healthy and convenient. With downtown providing the dynamic heartbeat, this is a community with an abundance of outdoor activities both on the water and on land. Residents and visitors enjoy fishing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, and boating, and the indoor activities range from museums and galleries, to shows and the opera. There is truly something for everyone of every age. 

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