First Baptist Paducah


Denomination - Southern Baptist 

Weekly Attendance - > 500 

Location -  Paducah, Kentucky 

Position - Worship Pastor

About First Baptist Paducah:

First for Every One


FIRST for Grace 

We recognize that the gospel is the power of God, and we live with the good news of Christ as the core of our identity. As we inhale grace from God, we exhale grace toward people, allowing us as a family the freedom to laugh loud, hard, and often.

FIRST for Worship

We lift up Christ through a diversity of expressions, connecting every generation to Jesus. We’re done pretending and performing, for yesterday we were dead, but in Christ we are already approved.

FIRST for Life

Because heaven and hell are real, the church doesn’t exist for us – but we exist for the world. So, we love children, students, adults, and families through multiethnic missional aggression across the globe.

FIRST for Paducah

We are in the city, for the city – and we live with courageous vulnerability as faith-filled, all-in risk-takers for the glory of Christ!





  • Fulfills his divine calling by conducting public services, preaching the Word of God, administering the ordinances of the New Testament, watching over the spiritual welfare of the fellowship, and faithfully leading our church members to accomplish our mission for Christ.

  • Upholds the essentials of sound doctrine throughout the church and its related ministries; champions Biblical grace and truth.

  • Guards the theological integrity of the church, ensuring that our teaching is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and God-honoring.

  • Keeps the worship ministries on track in living out our commitment to discipleship, outreach/service, and missions (“Grow-Show-Go”).

  • Leads as the chief musician for corporate worship, using applied musical gifts (voice and instrumental) to facilitate congregational worship of the living God. 

  • Gives specific pastoral counsel and care for all of those who are involved in worship ministries, and to their families whenever that is possible.

  • Oversees song selections for all services, guarding doctrine, relevance, and general usefulness in congregational worship.

  • Plans and executes the details of worship services, including service element flow, overall service runtime, song selections, scheduling of Lord’s Supper and baptisms, communication with worship team members, preparation and presentation of related media, and stage/worship space preparation.

  • Fosters musical and artistic variety of style, while creating a combination of those styles that encourages our church to understand itself as one unified local body of believers called to one united mission for our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Builds, encourages, leads, and directs our adult choir (or choirs), investing in all opportunities to model the pursuit of the advancement of God’s glory by passionate praise, joyful service, musical excellence, and gracious ministry among those who participate.

  • Develops an expanding worship orchestra (which may look more like a worship band in certain settings), with the goals of broadening musical expression and involving multiple instrumentalists in worship leadership.

  • Oversees seasonal, unique, or age-specific musical choirs, as well as any other specialized worship, music, or drama ministries. 

  • Continues and enlarges the church’s appreciation for musical presentations that involve and engage church members of all ages and stages, with attention given to special events that can engage our community outreach.

  • Develops and enlarges the influence of the FBCP television and media ministry, by setting forth vision, energy, direction, and programming standards as well as assuming primary responsibility for all technical issues related to sound, lighting, and the overall “look,” “feel,” and “sound” of all worship expressions and services.

  • In cooperation with the Associate Pastor for Discipleship, provides pastoral oversight of the church’s media and communications.

  • Manages all budgets related to worship ministries and within the constraints of available financial resources, oversees any worship/musical interns and any worship/musical support (administrative) staff.

  • Participates in meetings of the pastoral staff and in other meetings where the pastoral staff is needed.

  • Open to fulfill other responsibilities as assigned by the senior pastor.



Ideal Candidate:

  • Demonstrates unmistakable love for Christ, Christ’s Word, and Christ’s Church.

  • Exhibits consistently mature Christlike character.

  • Meets the qualifications of overseer/elder/pastor outlined in First Timothy3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. 

  • A licensed or ordained minister who subscribes wholeheartedly to The Baptist Faith and Message (2000) and to the adopted rules of governance of First Baptist Paducah.

  • Keeps his own family as his life’s highest priority other than his relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Shows the consistent ability to lead, take initiative, and make important ministry decisions.

  • Shows a genuine passion and enthusiasm for all facets of worship ministries.

A little bit about Paducah, Kentucky



Paducah, Kentucky 

Population < 25,000

Paducah is the largest city in the Jackson Purchase region, it is located halfway between St. Louis, Missouri, to the northwest and Nashville, Tennessee, to the southeast.


Twenty blocks of the city's downtown have been designated as a historic district and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


National Quilt Museum

Lower Town Arts District 

Creative Flood Wall Murals 

Walkable Historic District

Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

57th Dogwood Trail

Annual Barbecue River Festival