Lonoke Baptist Church


Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - > 500

Location - Lonoke, Arkansas 

Position - Minister of Worship & Media 

Lonoke Baptist Church is making disciples of Jesus Christ who are making disciples in order to see lives transformed by the power of the gospel.

 Core Values:

  1. We believe in investing in people, not in our own preferences.

  2. We believe we should be a blessing, not a burden in all things.

  3. We believe all members should be contributors to God s work, not simply consumers of His resources.

  4. We believe the church must be passionate, not passive about the work of the Lord.

  5. We believe every member must take action, not be apathetic in using their spiritual gifts and abilities to serve.

Simply stated, Lonoke Baptist believes in:

People, not preferences.
Blessing, not a burden.
Contributors, not consumers.
Passionate, not passive.
Action, not apathy.

About the Position:

The Worship, Media and Communications Minister will demonstrate Pastoral leadership in the worship and communications Ministries of the Church. He will assist the Senior Pastor in communicating the overall theme and direction of the Church in the Church's Worship Services as well as, on multiple online and print platforms. He will effectively communicate in written, oral and media production while inspiring others to join in pursing the vision of the Church and the advancement of the Gospel.




Specific Responsibilities

  • Spend time developing relationships in the church and community in order to fulfill the Great     Commission and help lead the church to do the same

  • Build the necessary teams to carry out the church’s worship ministries

  • Serve as the worship leader in all worship services

  • Oversee and administer the worship and media ministries’ budgets

  • Develop, monitor, and administer the print and media communications of the church

Ideal Candidate

  • A pastor’s heart with musical proficiency and knowledge

  • A desire to see the gospel proclaimed and people discipled

  • Relational skills to unify and lead a multi-generational worship ministry

  • Skilled in vocal and instrumental direction

  • Skilled in organization and administration

  • Skilled in use of worship technology

  • Self-motivated, self-starter, team player with a positive attitude


  •  A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a growing relationship with Him

  •  A commitment to the vision and direction of Lonoke Baptist Church

  •  A call to ministry and evidence of a life surrendered to that call

  •  Demonstrated excellence in worship leadership and media production


  • Maintains a positive example of the Spirit-filled Christian

  • Has a daily time of Bible study and prayer in order to be a growing     

        disciple of Christ

  • Has gospel conversations on a regular basis with the lost, unchurched, 

        and de-churched of the community

  • Faithfully attends the services of the church

  • Gives cheerfully and faithfully to the church

  • Demonstrates the love of Jesus by maintaining healthy relationships in   

         the church and community

  • Has an ongoing presence in the community through visits and 

        community activity involvement

  • Creates and administers the church budget with godly stewardship

  • Utilizes church facilities, furnishings and equipment to further the vision 

        and ministry of the church

  • Seeks to make others the “hero” and embraces the attitude of “There is 

        no limit to what can be accomplished as long as it doesn’t matter who    

        gets the credit.”  


A little bit about Lonoke, Arkansas

little rock sky line.jpg

Lonoke, Arkansas is just 20 miles East of Little Rock. The town's close proximity provides easy access to world-class healthcare, state government resources, and numerous institutions of higher education, while maintaining its small town feel. The cost of living is lower than the US average. Lonoke is now the home of the Remington Arms ammunition manufacturing facility, the world’s largest freshwater fish hatchery and every October the City hosts a Pumpkin Run.