North Trenholm Baptist Church



Denomination- Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - 500+

Location - Columbia, SC

The Position - Worship Pastor



Our Mission:


We exist to share the Gospel, make disciples, and live on mission.


About Us:


Our vision at North Trenholm is to see our city know Jesus, our church make disciples, and the Gospel reach the nations. 

One way we believe God has called our church to move towards seeing this vision move forward is to implement a strategic church planting initiative focused on planting, replanting, and revitalizing churches throughout our city.

Our strategic plan is to leverage the opportunities God provides whenever North Trenholm is at capacity threshold, begin to sense the conviction of a leader or our leadership, or see the potential to collaborate with other churches to plant healthy churches in our city.


About the Position:


We want someone who is called to pastor, first and foremost their family, has a deep love for Christ, is solid doctrinally, wants to reach a diverse context, and can cultivate a multi-generational/multi-cultural worship environment.



We believe that worship at North Trenholm is more than just a service but is to be a lifestyle. The Worship Pastor must be someone who is called and empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve as a leader in the Church that cultivates a heart of worship beyond Sunday Morning. The Worship Pastor must fulfill the qualifications of a Pastor/Elder as stated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. Their primary responsibilities will require recruiting, developing, and discipling the worship teams that will effectively engage people both in and through all worship services at North Trenholm Baptist Church. The aim of the Worship Pastor is to cultivate a culture of worship that is life-giving, passionate, and skillful through spiritual, musical, and technical leadership for each Worship team. They must be a visionary leader who is capable of leading people to God utilizing multiple genres of worship music. The Worship Pastor will be expected to actively contribute toward the directional leadership of the church regarding the mission, vision, and strategy.



The Worship Pastor at North Trenholm should be able to:

  • Lead and serve as primary worship leader for weekly services and oversees worship and A/V needs for all ministry areas at NTBC.

  • Execute and implement worship programming for Sunday morning services, preparing teams through transitions, ministry moments, and creative elements.

  • Illustrate proficiency in leading worship from instruments

  • Manage and update plans in Planning Center Online and ProPresentor. 

  • Oversee the scheduling, planning, and practices for vocal teams, choirs, instrumentalists, and bands for NTBC.

  • Develop others vocally, instrumentally, and technologically

  • Network, connect, and spiritually shepherd out of a passion for raising new worship leaders on and off the platform;

  • Clearly communicate the vision, mission, and values of the church

  • Lead and develop individuals and teams.

  • Provide direction toward stage design, production, worship environments, backstage areas, audio capturing, and live streaming for NTBC.

  • Supervise, disciple, and develop any interns that serve within the worship and production ministry areas in the church.

Worship Pastor Assimilation

  • Ensure that both new and regular attendees are finding their places within the Worship Ministries at NTBC; helping individuals to become faithful attendees on weekends, participate in a Sunday school, and serving in an area of ministry.

  • Oversee all steps in the NTBC assimilation process for Worship ministry areas including: first-time guest follow up, absentee follow up, Discover NTBC, membership, baptism, etc.

  • Worship Pastor Missions

    • Implement the mission strategy for NTBC into the worship ministry teams and help coordinate opportunities with ministry partnerships (Local / National / Global).

    • Help recruit, train, delegate, and coordinate any Worship ministry mission trips.

  • Other Responsibilities

    • Participate regularly in weekend worship services through pastoral prayer, announcements, baptism, and the Lord’s Table.

    • Preach and teach God’s Word periodically in services and other ministry settings.

    • Assist in providing care for the congregation in consultation with the pastoral team (funerals, weddings, visitation) as needed.

    • Adopt the posture of a lifelong learner, continually growing in skills and knowledge in areas covered by this ministry description.

    • Craft and oversee an approved budget for these ministry areas.

    • Other responsibilities as assigned.



  • Character

    • Must be spiritually maturing: a growing knowledge of the Word, a deepening prayer life, a passion in worship, and a boldness in sharing his faith when opportunities arise.

    • Must be increasing in the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)

    • Must meet elder qualities (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-5)

  • Competency

    • Must be a life-long learner; formal ministry training desired.

    • Must be committed to ongoing improvement, with an understanding of both strengths and weaknesses.

    • Must have strong organizational and relational abilities consistent with a pastoral leadership role.

    • Must demonstrate initiative, creativity, and excellence in leading within the established vision of the leadership of the church.

    • Must be a ministry builder (Ephesians 4:11-12) with skill in recruiting, developing, evaluating, and encouraging volunteer leaders and teams.

    • Must be able to motivate and direct others toward a consistent, fruitful development of quality disciples.

  • Chemistry

    • Must be committed to the local church and active in building community (Acts 2:42-47).

    • Must demonstrate an ability to relate well and work efficiently with his fellow staff members and all volunteer leaders and teams under his oversight.

    • Must be open to healthy ongoing communication and feedback with your supervisor and with other staff.

  • Conviction

    • Must be in full agreement with the North Trenholm Baptist mission, vision, doctrine, and ministry strategy and be convinced of their effectiveness in building the church.

    • Must be willing to become a member of NTBC upon employment and to live within the surrounding area to be able to cultivate community within the congregation.

    • Must communicate the core values of NTBC and lead the ministry in a way that is consistent with this approach.

    • Must agree to abide by the staff policy manual.

  • Capacity

    • Must be highly motivated and action oriented; a strong work ethic; a get-it-done kind of person.

    • Must be willing to put in the hours necessary while maintaining a healthy personal and family life.


** This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive statement of every duty and responsibility that will be required of an employee in this position. Therefore, additional duties may be assigned.


A little bit about Columbia, SC

  • North Trenholm is situated on eleven acres of land in the highly desired Forest Acres community and includes a worship center, kids building, adult building, a chapel, venue, gym, and student building. We also have two baseball fields, a large playground, and three houses adjacent to our property.

  • North Trenholm is located in Forest Acres near Fort Jackson in a very strategic area of Columbia northeast which allows for our church to be positioned in a diverse demographic of 40% white, 40% black, and 20% other ethnic makeup neighbors, which is why we have intentionally moved toward becoming a multi-ethnic staff in a desire to reach our multi-ethnic community. 

  • Columbia is the capital and largest city in South Carolina, with about 963,048 in the region. Located geographically in the center of the state, Columbia offers a vast array of activities, entertainment, cultural experiences, educational opportunities, and health care choices. Drive an hour and a half south and you can experience the Low Country or an hour and a half north and you’ll be in the Upstate to discover similarly diverse offerings staged in coastal cities or mountainous regions.

  • Columbia is home to several colleges and universities with over 55k students which enables residents to extend their educational experiences without leaving home! Collegiate and semi-pro sporting events, Broadway plays, symphonies, museums, concerts and a nationally ranking zoo contribute to the positive living experience found in Columbia, South Carolina.

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