Second Baptist Church Lancaster


Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - >700

Location - Lancaster, South Carolina

Position - Pastor of Music & Worship

About the Church:

Our mission is to be a great commission church by loving people, sharing Jesus, and making disciples of all people.

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About the Position:

The Pastor of Music and Worship is responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive Music and Worship Ministry.  The Pastor of Music and Worship is also responsible for planning, conducting, and evaluating meaningful worship services in conjunction with the Music and Media Ministry.

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  • Spend quality time with the Senior Pastor to learn his heart, passion and desired style of worship.

  • Direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive Music and Worship Ministry with a vision for constant improvement and growth within the ministry.

  •  Coordinate the church Music and Worship Ministry with the calendar and emphases of the church.

  • Direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of each worship service.  This will consist of weekly meetings with the Senior Pastor to determine sermon topics and desired emphases.

  • Work with the Music and Worship Ministry teams in determining Music and Worship Ministry goals, organization, leadership, facilities, finances and administrative process.

  • Weekly plan congregational services of the church and be responsible for the selection of the music.

  • Direct music groups and congregational singing.

  • Be responsible for enlisting and training leaders for the Music and Worship Ministry.

  •  Supervise the work of all music leaders in the Music and Worship Ministry.

  •  Work in cooperation with the appropriate persons in selecting, enlisting, training, and counseling with song leaders, accompanists, and other musicians who serve in church program organizations.

  • Coordinate the performance schedules of music groups and individuals in the func­tions of the church.

  • Give direction to a Music and Worship Ministry plan of visitation and enlistment.

  • Supervise maintenance of and additions to music library and equipment; provide music materials, supplies, instruments, and other music equipment for use in the church's program.

  • Keep informed on current music methods, materials, promotion and administration through professional conversations and conferences, and utilize that information to strengthen the program.

  • Coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists in groups or as individuals.

  • In consultation with the Church Administrator and Music and Worship Ministry Team’s prepare an annual budget to be recommended to the Finance Committee.

  • Weekly plan choir music, praise songs, soloists, musical specials or guests, instrumental groups, orchestra involvement and other matters as considered appropriate.

  • Prepare the Order of Service and meet with all individuals who will be involved in the service.

  • Lead the church in all worship services and congregational singing unless delegated to another individual.

  • Oversee the preparation of all video presentations for introductions, praise songs, announcements, etc.

  • Work closely with the Technology Team regarding all audio and visual needs.

  • Work with the Director of Facilities to ensure proper arrangement and setup of the sanctuary and platform for each service.

  • Coordinate the planning and direction of the annual Christmas presentations, Easter presentations and other special worship service events in conjunction with other staff as needed for campus-wide productions.

  • Be aware of weddings and funerals to be held in the church, be available for counsel and arrange and provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups.

  • Other general responsibilities: 

    • Cooperate with the Senior Pastor, other staff members and Leadership Team in promoting the entire ministry plan of Second Baptist Church.

    • Be available for counseling of church and nonchurch members as needs arise.

    • Utilize the services of the secretarial and facilities staff, which are consistent with their Position Descriptions.

    • Stay in touch with the choir members through email, phone, and text .

    • Give full support to the General Operating Budget of Second Baptist Church and avoid soliciting or expending funds not previously authorized.

    • Serve as an effective staff liaison to assigned Ministry Teams and/or Standing Committees.

    • Adhere to church approved guidelines as set forth in Second Baptist Church’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual.

  •  Basic personal responsibilities:

    • Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer and meditation.

    • Maintain proper priorities in your home and be a spiritual leader to your spouse and children, if married.

    • Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.

    • Financially support the work of ministries of Second Baptist Church by faithfully giving at least 10% of your gross income.  Maintain wise stewardship measures over the remaining 90%.

  •  Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

A little bit about Lancaster, SC

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In many ways, Lancaster County is an arts community. Several artists live here, work here, and display their art here. Lancaster initiated the Arts in Education program, a statewide program first piloted here to bring hands-on art instruction from artists-in-residence to students from elementary to high schools. Theatre productions, classical and folk music concerts, and chamber choir performances are scheduled throughout the year. Something is always going on in the arts in Lancaster—from art, pottery, and drama workshops to gallery crawls.