Shirley Hills Baptist Church


Denomination - Southern Baptist 

Weekly Attendance - 500 +

Location - Warner Robins, Georgia  

Position - Director of Worship & Creative Arts

Our Vision:

Love God, grow in him, and send out Christ Followers! 

We believe there are 8 hills to die on:

  1. Biblical Truth – everything we do is rooted in the Bible because we believe the Bible is God’s Word. We don’t assume everyone believes that. So, we point everyone back to His Word as our ‘Why.” We pray. We live boldly. We enjoy Him. Because He has made Himself known to us through His Word. 

  2. Authenticity – We simply do not have time to fake it. Whether that is on stage or in our D-Groups. We are real about our faults and failures. From praying, to teaching, to living life, we want to focus on being real in all we do.

  3. Relevant – the Bible was written thousands of years ago to a different culture. We want to make sure we communicate it clearly and in today's language.

  4. Community – this is life on life. This is where we learn together. We pray together. We serve together. We ask questions together. This is being the family to one another and with one another by caring and living life together.

  5. Give God our best – This means we challenge the status quo – we will risk ordinary for the extraordinary. From our music to our nursery we desire to give God the very best we have.

  6. Reproduce – we want to send out the message of God’s Word to the World. We believe healthy things reproduce. Where Christ followers reproduce Christ followers. Campuses reproduce campuses. Leaders reproduce leaders. Churches reproduce Churches.

  7. Life Giving – joy, unity, simplicity. Too many have left the church because it becomes everything but life giving.

  8. Transformation – we celebrate growth and life change that comes from walking with Jesus. It’s not about how far along you are in your walk with Jesus when you come. But we do expect anyone who has been around us to grow with us. This growth is Jesus transforming our life (life change).

About the Position:

SHBC is looking for a Worship Arts Director who can plan, coordinate, and lead worship services that are theologically strong, personally engaging, congregationally participatory, spiritually minded, corporately encouraging, missions driven, intentionally crafted, creatively developed, technically proficient, visionally aligned, and authentically offered. We need someone for whom discipleship is as important as worshipping in song to their ministry, who doesn’t just sing but uses songs to teach and cultivate growth in the body of Christ. Someone who can confidently and comfortably lead and train ministry volunteers and staff in grace and truth.




  • Maintain an authentic and growing walk with Jesus Christ through the ongoing spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, fasting, confession, and fellowship.  


  • Work closely with the Senior Pastor in developing a comprehensive approach to corporate worship.


  • Assist in establishing ministry goals and objectives, and individual strategies that support the mission and vision of the Church.


  • Assist in providing visionary leadership and organizational structure for the Worship Ministry and the Church as a whole.


  • Participate in weekly staff meetings and monthly all-staff meetings, as well as called departmental meetings, and other required staff events.

  • Oversight and Leadership of the Worship, Creative Arts, and Media Ministries.


  • Lead corporate worship


  • Write, arrange, or select music for the worship team as assigned.


  • Evaluate and assist in gathering resources to be used by the worship teams.


  • Assist in leading the weekly rehearsals, planning of worship elements, and in the musical and spiritual development of worship team members.


  • Coordinate the church music ministry with the calendar and emphasis of the church.


  • Responsible for the selection of the music and other creative elements.


  • Responsible for all music groups and congregational singing.


  • Supervise the work of all music leaders in the music ministry. Every note being sung in the name of the church falls under the Worship Pastor’s leadership.


  • Develop a comprehensive Worship ministry including ensembles, visual and performing arts.


  • Recruit, train, schedule, equip and supervise volunteers for the ministry.


A little bit about Warner Robins, Georgia


Warner Robins, Georgia 

Population: > 160,000

Warner Robins is a great family town.  We have a very large Air-force Base (Robins Air Force Base) and one of the best school systems in America.