The Church at LifePark

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Denomination - Southern Baptist

Weekly Attendance - 1,500

Location - Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Position - Music Director

About the Church:

The Church at LifePark has a desire to blend the best of the old with the best of the new. Our team carefully and prayerfully selects songs that glorify God and present the Gospel. We select songs that are theologically sound and stylistically diverse. On any given Sunday morning, we sing hymns of old and contemporary worship songs. There will be some colored lights and even drums, but we take very seriously the call to lead worship and celebrate God through our song and praise. There are no performances, only humble, authentic worship.

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About the Position:

The Music Director at The Church at LifePark will assist the Associate Pastor of Worship (APW) in leading Sunday morning services and all aspects of music at LifePark. As a contribution toward the church objective, the Music Director will work with the APW to develop the worship ministry at LifePark and contribute most heavily with service programming and leading music-related initiatives.


The Music Director will assist in planning weekly experiences that support the central message of the service and will collaborate with the APW in directing the musical aspects of the Church at LifePark’s worship ministry. The Music Director will work with the APW to oversee the growth and development of the music ministry as a whole.


The Music Director will oversee the execution of musical elements in weekly services while working with the APW to develop and position other team members to do so as well. The mix of administration, leadership, musical, and creative gifts are vital for this role. The Music Director will help the APW develop systems that support the vision of the APW. This will entail programming services, recruiting, training, and equipping team members and lay leaders; delegating responsibilities to team members for meeting ministry objectives; overseeing music for special events when necessary; and, providing worship/music support for other ministry areas as needed.



  • Assisting with Strategic Planning Support and Implementation:  Work with the APW to implement the vision and strategic initiatives of the music ministry within the realm of LifePark’s philosophy of worship.

  • Implementing Technical Aspects of Music Ministry: Assist the APW as necessary with charting songs, notes for service plans, creating musical tracks, arranging, composing, and working in tandem with the Associate Pastor of Worship and Production Director to collaborate for special event programming. Consistently provide accurate charts, lyrics, notes, supporting tracks, and service plan details to team members.

  • Musical Development:  Work with the APW to develop musicians and vocalists in the worship ministry as a whole. This includes implementing coaching and training in the way of rehearsals, workshops, as well as leading the musical areas on Sunday morning through music directing and playing on stage weekly in one of the two venues.

  • Overseeing and Empowering Teams:  Recruit, train, develop and empower dynamic team members; assist in leading prospective vocalists and musicians through the audition process including the onboarding of new vocalists and band members.

  • Implementing Excellent Worship Experiences and Special Programs:  Work with the APW to program and prepare excellent Sunday morning experiences, in partnership with the Senior Pastor and Creative Team which invites the congregation to engage in worship. This entails a focus on helping develop the musical aspects of LifePark’s worship ministry, helping provide band direction, leading vocal rehearsal, and assisting with song selection. The Music Director will foster innovation and help keep worship music and style current as we uphold our value of blending the classic and modern into our worship services.

  • Other Duties:  Collaborate with APW on other ministry plans as needed and support music needs in other ministry areas such as First Wave Student Ministry, Vacation Bible School, church-wide conferences, and events, etc.


Education & Skill:

  • Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years experience in a related field, preferred

  • Demonstrated ability to manage and effectively lead paid or volunteer teams

  • Demonstrated acumen toward technology, problem-solving, systems development, and knowledge of a live production environment

  • Proven competency in church or related ministry leadership balancing production and creativity within church culture, context, and relationships

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A little bit about Mt. Pleasant, SC

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The Town of Mount Pleasant is located just a few miles from beaches (Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms) and downtown Charleston with a population of just over 90,000 residents. It’s beauty and mild climate are just two of many aspects that made it the 10th fastest growing city in the nation in 2015 according to the US Census Bureau. It’s the fourth largest municipality in the state. Accessibility to shopping, dining, outdoor recreation, theater and historical sites abound.


For more information about Mt. Pleasant please see the link below.